13th International Conference on Cognitive Modeling (ICCM)

The ICCM was held for the 13th time between April 9 and 11, this time in Groningen. The event was extremely well organized and one of the organizers, Niels Taatgen, documented the conference and took a lot of pictures – all of which can be found on flickr. I took three of those to show here (courtesy of Niels Taatgen, obviously).

This is me presenting my talk “Stability of individual parameters in a model of optimal fact learning”:


And here are two pictures to show the awesome venue.



I really enjoyed the conference and had very fruitful and productive conversations. It was good to see a couple of people I have met before and catch up and it was great to meet a lot of new people. The networking was made a lot easier by the fact that I won the Allen Newell Award for the best student paper and was introduced as the award winner and got my award during the conference dinner. Most people knew my face and it was very easy to approach people and start conversations. There were two possible collaborations that might result from this get-together but they depend on funding that I do not have influence on. I will talk more about them if and when they happen.