BCN Retreat 2015

I spent the last two days (March 26 & 27) at the annual BCN Retreat in Odoorn. The bus left from the UMCG at 8 am on Thursday and we had a full day of talks ahead of us. A little more than 60 people attended the retreat and it is always very interesting to meet other people from the graduate school – especially because there are so many that do completely different things.

After the talks and before dinner, there was a guided mountain biking tour that lasted more than 90 minutes and was a lot of fun. It was muddy and cold outside but it did not really matter: it was good to get moving after a full day of sitting and listening. After dinner, we (the PhD council) organized a bowling competition in which we randomly assigned people to groups to facilitate mingling. People seemed to enjoy it – I certainly did.

Overall, I really enjoyed it. It was good to catch up with people I do not see a lot because they work in different departments. And it was good to get to know a couple of new people.