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Poster presented at ICCM/MathPsych 2018

Today, Maarten (van der Velde) and myself presented our poster “Deploying a Model-based Adaptive Fact-Learning System in a University Course” at ICCM/MathPsych (co-authored by Hedderik van Rijn). The poster itself along with all the materials, data, and scripts can be found on the lab’s GitHub page. Working with Maarten finally gave me an incentive to wrap my head around working with GitHub and he’s been patient enough to guide me through the process.

This is a really interesting dataset and I’m looking forward to working with it more and figuring out the exact situations in which the model does a good job at describing students’ behavior and — more importantly! — the situations in which the model fails. Having these large, naturalistic datasets to work with is very exciting!

Paper submitted to TopiCS

The deadline to submit my paper to the special issue “The best of ICCM” is today and I submitted my paper yesterday afternoon. It has gone through multiple cycles of re-wording and got more streamlined and to-the-point. I am very happy with the end result and am curious what the reviewers have to say.

I made a Github account a while back and created a new repository for the data and all the analyses reported in the paper. So everything related to the paper is freely available on Github now.