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Poster presented at ICCM/MathPsych 2018

Today, Maarten (van der Velde) and myself presented our poster “Deploying a Model-based Adaptive Fact-Learning System in a University Course” at ICCM/MathPsych (co-authored by Hedderik van Rijn). The poster itself along with all the materials, data, and scripts can be found on the lab’s GitHub page. Working with Maarten finally gave me an incentive to wrap my head around working with GitHub and he’s been patient enough to guide me through the process.

This is a really interesting dataset and I’m looking forward to working with it more and figuring out the exact situations in which the model does a good job at describing students’ behavior and — more importantly! — the situations in which the model fails. Having these large, naturalistic datasets to work with is very exciting!

A new PhD student joined the lab!

I have been fairly productive in the last weeks, despite a lot of administrative things that needed to be sorted out and uncertainties regarding my partner’s future employment that made it hard to plan for the future.

Specifically, we finished up a manuscript (“Exploration of the Rate of Forgetting as a Domain-Specific Individual Differences Measure“) that is based on chapter 4 of my PhD thesis and submitted the work in early May. This was together with my PhD promotors Rob R. Meijer and Hedderik van Rijn. We’re now waiting for reviews.

Additionally, Hedderik and I wrote up our exploration of an implementation of the serial reaction time task in a very simple virtual reality environment that came out of a collaboration with the local company STARK Learning. We were able to show that the expected speed-up of reaction times emerged in the VR implementation of the task, which is a nice proof of concept that we hope other researchers can use to deploy the task in novel conditions. I got the “notification of formal acceptance” last night and we hope the paper goes through production swiftly and will be available in PLoS ONE soon.

The most exciting new development, however, is that a new PhD student joined the lab: Maarten van der Velde started his PhD in May and I am excited to co-supervise him, together with Jelmer Borst and Hedderik van Rijn. Hedderik and I submitted an abstract to ICCM 2018 and Maarten is going to help processing the data and preparing it for the poster presentation in Madison. It’s going to be very interesting for me to work with someone that has a formal computer science education – I’ll have a lot to learn from him!

Ready for ICCM

I finalized my poster yesterday and had it printed. On silk. Nice and foldable so I don’t have to take a poster tube. I am looking forward to the International Conference on Cognitive Modeling (ICCM) and present this preliminary, exploratory work there. I’ll be good to talk to some people and get some input.

Here’s the poster if you’re interested:

ICCM16 poster thumb

Can’t wait to hang out with Garrett Swan at Penn State. While I am there, I’ll be working on my CogSci talk…

Psychonomics submission accepted as poster

As reported about a month ago, I submitted an abstract to the annual meeting of the Psychonomic Society in Boston in November. Today I received an e-mail that the submission was accepted as a poster. Awesome!

As I mentioned in the previous post, I didn’t expect to get a talk because those are handed out based on seniority. In fact, the acceptance e-mail states:

I am pleased to inform you that your submission to the Annual Meeting of the Psychonomic Society has been accepted for presentation as a poster. […] All of the spaces on the spoken program were filled by Fellows of the Society and the nine Member Select-Speaker Award recipients. […] No other Member papers, Student Member or non-member papers could be put on the spoken program. In addition, a few spoken paper requests by Fellows could not be honored. I apologize if you are a Fellow and were given a poster instead of a spoken presentation. Once the spoken program was full, posters were assigned no matter what preference was indicated.

Which means I am quite happy to have my Student Member submission accepted at all.

BCN Winter Meeting 2016

Today, I spent the whole day at the university hospital at the BCN’s Winter Meeting. This is the annual meeting that BCN organizes (until now it was called the New Year’s Meeting). The morning was filled with a number of TED-like talks, one of them was given by my supervisor Hedderik van Rijn. Hedderik talked about the work on adaptive learning systems that I am also involved in. He advertised my poster very nicely so there was quite some interest in it and I had the chance to talk to quite a few people. Here’s a reprint of the poster.

I even ended up winning a prize for the best poster! Overall, it was a long but interesting day and it was good to catch up with a couple of people that I don’t see on a regular basis.

All the TED-like talks were filmed and will be made available on BCN’s website. So I hope to be able to report back with a link soon.